Christian Wirth


Christian Wirth is an independent researcher and computer scientist. After collecting practical experience with Blockchain at IBM as a Senior Blockchain Architect, Christian co-founded “Privacy by Blockchain Design”, where he is currently working on the – worldwide first – Standard for “DIN SPEC 4997 Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology” with his partners Anja Grafenauer and Michael Kolain in collaboration with the DIN (German Institute for Standardization).

Researching on BlockChain – Technology and it’s legal implications (German/European Law) since late 2013, he published articles about “Privacy by BlockChain Design: A BlockChain-enabled GDPR-compliant Approach for Handling Personal Data”  and “MultiChain Governance” and has been invited to speak about this topic by Institutions like Fraunhofer FOCUS.

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