Workshop @ WSIS-Conference



Workshop about Blockchain & Data Protection:

Can blockchain server privacy be compliant with GDPR and what are standards organizations doing? (Slides)


Monday, 8. April 2019



  • Jörn Erbguth – consultant on Blockchain & GDPR, Lecturer at the University of Geneva and Geneva School of Diplomacy
  • Katrin Kirchert, LL.M. – Lawyer for Privacy Law, Data Protection and Labour Law
  • Anja Grafenauer, MBA – Co-Founder at
  • Martin Adolph – Study Group Advisor at the Internation Telecommunication Union (ITU)


Results (draft) of this workshop

Overall results (draft) of WSIS including this workshop


International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

WSIS-Conference – Room C2

Rue de Varembé 2, 1202 Genève

[In case the reception at ITU is closed over lunchtime, please call +41 787256027]

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